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The Kayikazinge Nyirenda Clan

The Kayikazinge Nyirenda Clan


This book has been written to help the young generation of this family clan to know their true history.


The Kayikazinge family is so thankful to all people who took trouble of assisting it to come up with this book to be a reality, particularly village headman William Lameck Kayikazinge Nyirenda for his information on the history of the clan.

The sons and daughters of the Nyirendas and their families for their financial and material support they have rendered to the first celebrations of the Wenenawene and collection of information of this family clan.

All surrounding villages i.e. Kazuba, Joseni, Chinganiiyo and Nyankhwemba for their support during the celebrations.

GENERAL HISTORY OF THE CLAN. {Kayikazinge Nyirenda}

Our great grandfather is Kayala Nyirenda.This Nyirenda clan originated from Tanzania at a place called Nyamwezi.This clan came to Malawi in a company of Katumbi and Chikulamayembe Gondwe a son to Gonapamuhanya.They crossed Songwe river in the northern part of Malawi in a dug out canoe which was known as Kapondo or Wato in Tumbuka language and then settled in Chitipa.

After a short stay there these clans moved to Hewe which is in Rumphi now Katumbi was left there. Kayala and Chikulamayembe came and settled in a place called Nkhamanga.


Kayala Nyirenda married Chikulamayembe’s sister Mulera Gondwe and Chikulamayembe married Kayala’s sister Chapala Nyirenda.

Kayala and Mulera had two sons namely: Chimbalanganda and Mazaza.Chikulamayembe and Chapala had two daughters-Nyankhulenje and Nthayine who later got married to their cousins Chimbalanganda and Mazaza respectively.Chimbalanganda and Nyankhulenji had a son Tiyane.Mazaza and Nthayine had a son called Kayikazinge Mwendera Nyirenda who is the first Kayikazinge.


Kayala left Nkhamanga and headed towards the Ngoni land and settled in Engucwini where he found Ndinsani Nzima.Tiyane married Chibuye a sister to Bobo Mkandwire of Ekwendeni and Kayikazinge was married to Chataya Zindawa Njowera a daughter to Lembaniko Njowera also of Ekwendeni.

Tiyane had three children namely:

  1. James who has settled at Rumphi.
  2. Moveti Nyirenda who settled at Mphongo at Mzimba boma.
  3. Jenala who also settled at Rumphi boma near C.C.A.P. church at Bumba.

Kayikazinge had five sons and these are; Lameck, Peter, Burton, Berekia and Samuel.


Lameck Nyirenda is the second Kayikazinge .He got married to Annie Munthali a daughter of Chibeta Munthali of Nyankhwemba village.Lameck and Annie had the following children; William, Emmie, Roda, Eliness, Efraim, Hendreson, Loveness and Levi.


Peter was married to Janet Ng’oma of Kayiwazi Nyirongo.In this family there were the following children; Sela, Maritase (Martha), Tamala, Catherine (Kafali), Kennedy and Melina.


Burton got married to Milika Chima of Kasungu a daughter to Chavunama Chima of Ofesi village (Simulemba) but was staying at Nkhamenya-Lojwa.

They gave birth to the following children; Macdonald, Patson, Ezelina, Winala, Lackford and Goldon.


Berekiya Nyirenda married Ellam Njowera a daughter to Misili Njowera of Mzamu village.

They have now settled in chief Mwase in Lundazi –Zambia.


Samuel married Milliam Chavula a daughter to Kachoto Chavula of Gong’ontha Chavula village.

They had two sons and a daughter namely; Medson, Laydon andTikambe.


Daughters of Kayikazinge and his brothers got married as follows;

  • Roda got married to Kajawa Soko of Enyezini.
  • Emmie got married to Chibwana Nyangu of Luwerezi.
  • Eliness got married to Kalikuni Lwanja.
  • Sela to Chimeto Chitaya.
  • Maritase (Martha) got married to Joyele Chirwa.
  • Tikambe got married to Jailos Mbeya.
  • Ezelina got married to Thumbalagaga Chirwa of Emanyaleni.
  • Tamala got married to Kamdeuke Soko.


This clan of Nyirendas were farmers; they were growing maize, millet, cassava, vegetables, beans and fruits.They also kept chickens, pigeons, sheep and goats.


Our grandfathers i.e. Gogo Lembaniko Njowera and Kayikazinge Nyirenda moved from Ekwendeni to Enyezini.

Gogo Lembaniko Njowera settled at Kachenga in Mbondolo Nkhambule’s village, while Kayikazinge settled at Phutula Mangombera in Sitima village.

Kayikazinge moved from Phutula and settled in Mzamu Nkunika village who is now in Lundazi –Zambia.

Because of good dimba soils, Kayikazinge moved further and settled along Msipazi River. People of Kazuba Nkunika also followed and later in 1910 one village was formed at Nkhakama in Matuli area.

This joint village was formed due to colonial government’s pressure that it should have an easy access to tax collection. The village was known as Kazuba Nkunika.Kayikazinge Mwendera died on 6th November, 1926 along Msipazi River as he was coming back from conducting herbal medicine at Kafulufulu.

The Nyirendas moved from Nkhakama and settled at a place known as Kawando in 1927 but still under Kazuba Nkunika.The Nyirendas and the Kazuba have been together from 1910 up to 1994.


First Kayikazinge was Mwendera Nyirenda who had his son Lameck Kayikazinge Nyirenda.

Lameck bore William Kayikazinge Nyirenda who became first village headman of Kayikazinge village.

He was installed on 15th February; 1994.The village had its first celebrations of their history on 26th November, 2005 after 11 years of its existence.

In this village they have formed a committee which is known as Wenenawene Wa Kwa Kayikazinge with the following objectives;

* To help each other in times of sorrow- i.e. not all people in this village are well to do some cannot even manage to buy a coffin-it’s this committee that assists.

* To organize and make up programmes for the celebrations that is done every year.

* To check that every member who is working contributes to the account for the smooth running of the village.

* To see to it that if there are conflicts among village members, they are solved amicably.


These Nyirendas have the relations following their history as follows;

Ø Jenala Nyirenda of Rumphi.

Ø Moveti Nyirenda of Mphongo –Mzimba.

Ø James Nyirenda of Rumphi boma.

Ø Chisulo Nyirenda of Bwabwa.

Ø Jakapo Nyirenda of Ekwayiweni.

Ø James Nyirenda of Kabula (Baula).

Ø Simoni Kachali of Ekwezaneni Khwechisa Jere village-Kapangamawe-Kafukule.

Ø Tiyani Nyirenda of Mphongo-Mzimba.

Ø Bobo Mkandawire of Ekwendeni.

Ø Kamubisanga Kavinya of Kazuba Nkunika.

Ø Chembezi Kaunda of Elamuleni.

Ø Chikulamayembe Gondwe of Bolero Rumphi.

Ø Katumbi Chawinga of Hewe Rumphi.


Yewo Nyirenda,Chithuli,Kayala wakayala muvi panthowa pa Nkhamanga.Wina Mlowoka,wakalowoka Songwe pakapondo(wato) pasi wakawopa mtontho(mtika).Wina Ntheketera, ntheketera za wasungwana, za wanyamata wakuzithezera nkhuni.